IPCEI Kick-off for mi2-factory GmbH

As part of the event “Microelectronics: Key to Transformation”, which took place on September 18, 2023 at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, mi2-factory GmbH received a so-called symbolic funding intention of several million euros.

As a direct partner of the IPCEI Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT), mi2-factory receives funding for the EFIITRON project. mi2-factory is one of 31 selected companies in Germany and one of 68 projects in Europe.

Representatives of the companies involved in the IPCEI ME/CT had the opportunity to briefly present their funding projects in Berlin – combined with the symbolic confirmation of the funding intention by Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck and Wolfgang Tiefensee as Minister of Economic Affairs in Thuringia. Benjamin Tom, CFO of mi2-factory, presented the key points of the EFIITRON project.