Ion Beam

Triangular shaped
silicon as filter structure

Ion Beam

Our innovative energy filter technology enables
novel designs, reduces costs & increases the
performance and yield of your microchips.

We make our contribution to highly efficient
wind power, photovoltaics & electromobility
for a sustainable future.

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Technology Innovation

Our Energy Filter allows to transform the energy distribution of a monoenergetic ion beam in such a way, that any desired dopant profile can be created. Dopant profiles, formerly impossible to be manufactured with reasonable technological effort, are now achievable with only one implantation step.

The Energy Filter principle is based on the transmission of accelerated ions through a micro-patterned thin silicon membrane. Ions lose kinetic energy within the Energy Filter. Due to the different path lengths in the Energy Filter the implantation profile in the substrate is transformed from a Gaussian implantation peak into a (in the depicted case) rectangular (homogeneous) dopant profile.

Why Choose Energy Filter Technology?

We enable cost reduction, design innovation & performance boost for your microchips.

Advice & Support

Excellent Homogeneity

Chip Cost Reduction

Excellent Reproducibility

Chip Performance Increase

Free Choice of Dopants

Chip Size Shrink Potential

High Wafer Throughput

Customized Dopant Profiles

SiC Superjunction Structures

Products & Services

We offer high energy ion implantation and EFII-technology based implantation services. We would like to encourage customers to request their individual implantation profiles.

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  • customer satisfaction

  • continuous improvement

  • compliance with legal requirements

  • satisfied employees & competent managers

  • obligation of the management to live the quality management system in all spheres of the company

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M.Eng. Benjamin TomChief Financial Officer
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B.Eng. André ZowallaDevelopment
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