About Us

7 employees

over 15 patents

founded in 2016

mi2-factory GmbH sells a novel, in-house developed process technology: Energy Filtered Ion Implantation (EFII©) in combination with the production machine EFIITRON©. Microchip producers buy EFII© for cost saving, performance increase and design innovation in semiconductor power device manufacturing for chips that are applied in the fields: Electro Mobility, Photovoltaic, Wind Power, Traction, Industrial Drives and Grid.

EFII© is as a production tool, which is specifically tailored for every customer application. The technology is used for processing of wafers, which is the basic material of microchips.

For specific silicon carbide (SiC) power devices a cost-reduction of up to 50% per wafer is achievable. EFII© enables completely new chip designs for SiC.

mi2-factory offers a high-precision, flexible, cost-competitive microchip-based solution for SiC doping issues in high volume wafer production. EFII© results in high levels of doping accuracy across SiC wafers and from wafer to wafer. EFII© is worldwide unique with no easy alternative visible.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Florian Krippendorf
Dr. Florian KrippendorfManaging Director, CTO
M.Eng. Benjamin Tom
M.Eng. Benjamin TomManaging Director, CFO
M.Sc. Constantin Csato
M.Sc. Constantin CsatoDevelopment
Prof. Dr. Michael Rüb
Prof. Dr. Michael RübBusiness Development
M.Eng. Stefan Illhardt
M.Eng. Stefan IllhardtDevelopment
M.A. Luisa Rudolph
M.A. Luisa RudolphManagement Assistance
M.Sc. Hitesh Jayaprakash
M.Sc. Hitesh JayaprakashPhD Student
M.Sc. Anoop Vadakke Purayathe
M.Sc. Anoop Vadakke PurayatheDesign Engineer

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