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Highly efficient silicon carbide

Power electronics is an essential backbone of electric mobility and renewable energy generation. What is crucial is the availability of modern, efficient chip technologies that guarantee maximum ranges for electric cars or enable the loss-free use of wind and solar energy.

The current focus is particularly on scaling power electronics based on the highly efficient semiconductor material silicon carbide (SiC).

Rapidly growing market

The market for SiC power semiconductors is growing at a CAGR of more than 30%, driven by e-mobility and the expansion of renewable energy generation. Well-known manufacturers like Infineon Technologies, Bosch, Soitec, Wolfspeed and Nexperia are realizing billions worth of investments in new silicon carbide fabs. Numerous exits of start-ups like ASCATRON, SILTECTRA or Innovion complete the picture of a dynamically developing industry. The challenges of the SiC industry include the availability of inexpensive base materials, new chip architectures and the reduction of chip costs.

Energy-Filter technology

With focus on the SiC chip industry, mi2-factory GmbH developed the so called Energy-Filter technology. This is a novel platform technology which addresses the challenges of new disruptive solutions. The Energy-Filter technology of mi2-factory GmbH enables the next big leap in the SiC power semiconductor industry.

As a simple drop-in technology our EFIITRON

increases yield and performance

simplifies chip production processes

improves chip reliability for automotive applications

reduces chip cost by at about -30% up to a factor of 5

pushes chip design innovation in production of SiC power semiconductors of the next generation

and enables disruptive substrate concepts with 10-fold better material usage and 40% energy waste in production.

“Pay per Use” business modell

Very interesting for investors: our innovative “pay per use” business model, which for the first time in the semiconductor equipment business generates a constant revenue stream per installed machine equipment.

National & inernational patents

mi2-factory GmbH currently holds 15 patent families with granted patents in Germany, Europe, US and Japan.

Important Project of Common European Interest

Recently we received the commitment for a public funded IPCEI microelectronics project with a funding volume of 23 Million Euro.

Within a European consortium of finance and strategic investors we are looking for a several million co-financing (equity or loan) to finally close the own contribution gap and leverage the full funding project.

funding volume of

+23 Mio. €

within the IPCEI project

Become part of an exciting success story in the power semiconductor chip market!

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