Funded Projects2018-08-28T14:02:46+00:00

Funding Project 2016 INP 0110

mi2-factory GmbH develops a special chamber for a wafer endstation. This project has two main goals:

1. Increase of troughput for application of energy-filter technology for ion implantation
2. Precise process control for energy-filter technology

Funding Project 2017 SU 0100

Because of strategical reasons mi2-factory GmbH wants to gain (especially female and international) staff für R&D activites. The student from EAH Jena therefore is suitable very well, because of her studies in the field of Scientific Instrumentation. Furthermore she has comprehensive language knowledge, she is interested in the working field of mi2-factoy GmbH and already has practical experience in research and industrial sector. Because of that mi2-factory GmbH would like to get to know the student and wants to support her during her studies.

Funding Project 2016 TIZ 0414

mi2-factory GmbH gets funding for office equipment, software and technical equipment. Goal is to support the company with basis equipment for the business activities.