• mi2-factory from Jena, Germany received a high six-figure investment from bm|t and three private investors.

  • mi2-factory GmbH offers an innovative silicon carbide wafer doping technology that allows high-performance semi-conductors to enhance their characteristics. Chip manufacturers can employ the technology to improve performance, save costs, and allow new designs.

Jena, Germany 19. October 2018.

mi2-factory will deploy the capital to further develop and commercialize its proprietary filter technology.  The current financing round was also aided by BayStartUP, which recruited private investors from its network. “The professional support from BayStartUP was excellent. mi2-factory presented its business at the BayStartUP Venture Conference in March in Munich and quickly won the interest of multiple investors,” said Friedrich Hecker, one of the private investors involved in this investment round.

After attracting investors for its first investment round at the Investor Days Thüringen event, in this financing round mi-2-factory was able to also attract the interest of international investors – including high interest from China. “In the end the increasing trust from our current investors, the investment conditions, and time horizon were the deciding points for our choosing this investor constellation,” said Benjamin Tom, business CEO and co-founder of mi2-factory.


High Potential Foundational Technology

„Previously mi2-factory´s largest challenge was attaining enough research projects in the large future markets where our technology provides the greatest benefit.  Now, the markets are realizing the large potential, and we are entering many co-development cooperations with large high-performance chip manufacturers.  We are aiming to establish our energy filter technology as a foundational technology in the production of next generation high-performance microchips,” added Florian Kripendorf, technical CEO and co-founder of mi2-factory.

Silicon carbide will have increasing importance in the coming years as applications for high-voltage microchips expand.  “Due to the low performance loss of silicon carbide compared to conventional silicon, microchips made from silicon carbide will be needed in high-voltage electric grids, trains, e-vehicles, charging stations, photovoltaic, and wind energy applications,” explained Prof. Dr. Michael Rüb, strategic director and co-founder of mi2-factory.  “In addition to the advantages of low performance loss, silicon carbide chips allow for significantly smaller modules and systems as is possible with conventional silicon.  This reduces the volume and weight required for converting electricity.”


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About mi2-factory GmbH

mi2-factory GmbH, founded in 2016 in Jena, Germany, develops innovative technologies for semiconductors. The company´s core competency lies in the development and commercialization of energy filter technologies– a manufacturing process technology for treating silicon carbide chips to enhance their performance characteristics.  The company´s proprietary technology improves performance, reduces costs, and allows for new chip designs for highly-efficient wind and photovoltaic energy, e-mobility, and a wide variety of other applications.  mi2-factory´s customers include top name chip manufacturers from Europe, Japan, and the USA. www.mi2-factory.com




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